Stop Frame Animation Workshops

Make your own short film using traditional animation techniques. Using a series of camera shots you can animate almost any object.

stop frame strip 01.png

This method is used by studios such as Aardman Animations, as seen in their 'Wallace and Gromit' series. It involves taking multiple pictures of an object which is moved in small increments over time. Once all these images are assembled into a film editing program you can see fluid movement. Animate people, inanimate objects or create detailed plasticine figures. The choice is yours.

Below are some projects completed by Node students.

Hopes and Dreams

This was a community animation project involving a group of participants with mental health needs.

Waste Not Want Not

A short film highlighting the dangers of environmental pollution. 

The Interview

Created at Brora Learning Centre in 2009 with 7 participants. All about the pitfalls of job interviews.

© Copyright Brora Learning Centre 2009.

The Two Goats on the Bridge

A short animation about the decisions of conflict and peace we make.